Northern Greece

Photo galleries of the interesting places in Northern Greece - Macedonia and Thrace.

Serres - First city exploration
Serres - Surroundings and city churches
Serres - The Valley of Agion Anargiron
Serres - Around the city
Serres - Christmas atmosphere
Serres - Covered in white
Serres - Independence day 2009
Serres - Pascha (Easter celebration)
Serres - Guinness world record
Serres - Flower market
Serres - Lake in the Valley
Serres - Lazy Sunday afternoon
Serres - Traditional market
Serres - Spherical (virtual) panoramas
Serres - Early spring in Agion Anargiron
Serres - Independence day 2010
Thessaloniki - Autumn afternoon
Thessaloniki - City walking
Thessaloniki - A week before Christmas
Thessaloniki - City walking II
Thessaloniki - Market and the city
Lailias - Ski resort I.
Lailias - Ski resort II.
Lailias - Ski resort III.
Moni Timiou Prodromou - Monastery I.
Moni Timiou Prodromou - Pascha
Moni Timiou Prodromou - Monastery II.
Kerkini - A beautiful lake
Amphipolis - Museum
Filippi - Ruins of the city
Kavala - Exploring the city I.
Kavala - Exploring the city II.
Drama - Old tobacco city
Vergina - Ancient royal burial site
Veria - The city of Apostle Paul
Edessa - Water and waterfalls
Pella - Capital of Macedonia
Katerini - Beach near the city
Katerini - City and the parks
Dion - Sanctuary of Zeus
Alistrati - Cave complex
Xanthi - Old Ottoman city
Porto Lagos - Monastery of St. Nicolas
Komotini - Thracian city
Doirani - Lake and memorials
Tuzla - Paralia Orfyniou beach
Sidirokastro - Ruins of Byzantine castle
Thassos - Around the island